Welcome...My passion for photography encompasses a wide range of subject matter: portraits,weddings,head shots, photomicrographs,

products, travel, architecture. Life is a journey that we embarq upon with hope, aspirations and expectations. We try to capture these moments in time to

help us remember later in life how wonderful these moments were...Let me help you create these memories for you.

I’m also very passionate about health and staying healthy. I’ve included some links to sites that I follow religiously for their timely insights and information. I included a link to my son’s (the architect) site: aspect design studio Sports have always been part of my life. I published a soccer guide to help coaches, parents and players sharpen their basic skills. Also, if you want to boost your performance, check out the Bionic Band!. Recently I published a photographically illustrated children’s story called Mia’s Magic Book.  
© Andre Gorzynski 2015
Andre Gorzynski
Photographic Expressions
“Dear Andre, To Thank you for the kindness (that you took the time to show) and to tell you that it meant much more than you will ever know. My husband and I were impressed with your work - You made us look sooo good!...”Theresa and Al